What is a Herbal Remedy?

The fresh herbs that are processed to make up the full range of HERBANICA® Herbal Remedies are locally grown on a small farm in the pristine countryside of Tasmania. This ‘slow herb’ culture uses traditional growing and cultivation methods to ensure the quality and freshness of the extensive range of herbs produced are maintained across every crop.

PPC Herbs produce the HERBANICA® range using only 100% organically certified, Australian grown herbs. We pride ourselves on using Australian grown herbs that meet the highest possible certified organic standards. We’ve been producing herbal extracts for over quarter of a century and know from our extensive industry experience that our Australian grown herbs are the best in the world.

True to our philosophy of Pure Australian Botanicals, PPC Herbs will always source botanical ingredients which support our Australian growers and deliver to our customers products we are proud to stand behind.

Why a herbal remedy may complement other therapeutic approaches

Each of us will respond differently to various therapies of both complementary and western medicines. A herbal remedy is all in the name. We simply apply the traditional teachings gained from hundreds, if not thousands of years of medicinal herb use and develop our remedies accordingly. Modern medicine has benefited enormously from nature and in fact, a very large percentage of today’s pharmaceuticals have evolved as a consequence of knowledge gained from botanicals.

Herbal remedies are not designed to replace medication prescribed by doctors and more importantly, use of any complementary therapy should be discussed with your healthcare practitioner.

Herbal remedies are not a quick fix. A health condition typically manifests over a significant period of time and while we would all like symptoms to stop quickly, the body has its own way of dealing with things. The body heals itself and relies on support from various therapies or lifestyle changes. The root of the problem is the area most complementary practitioners aim for in their management of disease rather than a symptomatic approach.

Herbal remedies form an increasing part of disease management and are recommended by many natural health or integrative health specialists. They are well tolerated provided consumers read and follow all the important information, and consult with their healthcare practitioner.