About Us

The Pharmaceutical Plant Company (PPC) has been operating in Melbourne, Australia for 25 years. Originally, our focus was on making herbal extracts for Naturopaths and Herbalists. We also used these herbal extracts to develop our own range of natural medicines. We hold a license issued by the Australian Government to manufacture herbal extracts and herbal medicines, and have done so for almost 20 years.

Over the last 5 years, PPC has acquired specialised expertise in fermentation technology and Australian native botanical extraction techniques that encouraged us to explore, create and develop new opportunities. To make the transition from a natural medicine manufacturer over to a manufacturer of functional beauty and skin care products is not simple. We have had to acquire and develop new ways of approaching product development that are quite different to our past experience. Our long heritage and expertise in handling botanical materials has proven to be fundamental to our ability to change.

The HERBANICA® collection represents products based on Australian native plant extracts, along with creative and unique combinations of fermented Paw Paw, Wakame seaweed and Turmeric root extracts to create products that offer an alternative approach to skin care.

You really have to try our products to appreciate them. Unbelievably rich and luscious, heavily scented Hand & Body Creams, an Active Defence Shampoo and an Active Defence Conditioner that are free of silicones yet perform exceptionally well and strengthen and protect your hair from within at the same time. Our Silky Body Lotion hydrates and brightens skin, absorbing quickly to an almost powder-like finish. And finally, our Skin Perfecting Cream combines our fermented Paw Paw with Wakame seaweed and Turmeric root derivatives in an amazing cream that evens skin tone and makes skin supple and elastic.